Your Questions Answered 

We understand you may be full of questions about the process of creating and selling your audiobook. We have gathered the most important and common questions with answers below. If you have more questions do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help.


Production FAQs

Do I keep the rights to my audiobook? Yes you do. We don't retain any rights to the final audiobook. Our service is to  create, publish and and set you up to sell your audiobook. 

How much does it cost to produce and publish my audiobook?
We offer the most attractive and competitive rates compared to other production and publishing services. The final price is based on the final length of the audiobook (Per Final Hour) plus the Standard Publishing Service cost. The rate PFH depends on the narrator you select as productions with different narrators vary in price. On average the rate is $250PFH. This means that an audiobook of 5 hours of audio will be priced (250 x 5 =) $1250.  

How do you calculate the estimated final length of an audiobook?

On average, 1 hour of audio is at 9,400 words. So doing the math, a book with a word count of 55,000 words will come to approxumately 55,000 / 9400ith = 5.8 hours of audio. This may be a little more or less depending on the book genre. plot and performance needed.

Will my audiobook be compatible to be sold on Audible and other majors sites?

Yes. We know it is mandatory for your audiobook to meet the industry requirements (aka ACX requirements) to be able to be accepted by all platforms. Our audio production experts always take care of quality control checks to ensure your audiobook will be of great quality and accepted by all platforms.

How do I choose the narrator? You select the narrator you would like to perform your audiobook. After you send us your book description and give us some thoughts on your ideal narrator. A dedicated casting director will take care of bringing you the best voices that match your description. A selection of talented voice actors will record a sample of your audiobook for you to choose from. 


How do you choose your talent roster?

The reality is that the marketplace is awash with narrators looking for work and we receive a large amount of demo submissions from narrators looking to work with us.  Even though we'd like to work with everyone and give all narrators the opportunity to record audiobooks we carefully select our roster based on two important factors. Talent and ability to record Great Audio Quality. Our audio production experts at e-Audio Productions always quality check the audio of all narrators before we add them to our roster. 

Can music be added to my audiobook opening and closing credits?

It is becoming common for audiobooks to include backing music in the opening and closing files. For an additional charge of $40 the audio producers at e-Audio Productions. can take care of that and even compose an original music theme and mix it in nicely. 

​Can I have more than one narrator?
If your book features multiple characters and POVs, casting a different voice for each character really breaths life into the story and the listening experience for your audience. This requires extra care during post production and mixing to make all voices sound balanced together, retain a constant volume level and clear mix.  This option is available at with an additional $40 PFH for each voice.

How long will it take?
A generally it takes 4 - 6 weeks for an average audiobook to be completed and submitted for publishing. However there are many factors involved in estimating production time: the length and nature of the book, the number of characters, the difficulty of the book and the narrator’s availability.

How do I get my audiobook?
Upon completion you will receive a link to download your distribution-ready audiobook files.

​Do you work with authors outside of the U.S.?
​Yes, we are happy to produce audiobooks for authors all around the world. 


Publishing / Distribution FAQs

What are your publishing options and distribution ways?
After your audiobook is produced it is time for it to hit the digital shelves. We handle the setup for distribution on your behalf to 40+ major retail and library outlets via one of the two major distributors. We will create your account on the distributor platform, upload your audiobook, metadata, cover image, information, and make sure everything is done correctly so your audiobook will be accepted as soon as possible. After that we will hand over your account to you so you can monitor your sales and receive your payments directly.  Your account is yours and we do not keep a share of the royalties. 

Where will my audiobook be sold on?

Major distributors like Authors Republic and FIndaway will get your audiobook on numerous retail sites including

Amazon/Audible, iTunes,, Scribd, Nook, TuneIn, Playster, StoryTel, Hibooks, DownPour,, BandCamp, Overdrive, Hoopla, Audiobooksnow, Chirp, 24Symbols and many more.

How much will I make on each sale?

Distribution platforms will get your audiobook on numerous retail sites and handle your payments. In most cases retail sites will keep a 50% share of sales and pay the distributor the other 50%. The distributor will then pay 80% of that to the author. Example: Your audiobook retail price is $10. Retailer will keep $5 and pay $5 to the distributor. Distributor will then keep 80% of that meaning $1 and the author will receive $4. From Audible sales, distributors receive a smaller share at 25% of list price for every sale of which 80% goes to the author.

Do you offer marketing?

Yes. Our Standard Publishing Plan also includes the production of a video trailer for your audiobook and a podcast interview to help spread the word. We also offer Promo Packages that include internet ads on websites and blogs that focus on audiobooks, audiobook blog interviews, iHeartRadio promotion, social media posts and more.