Professional AudioBook Productions

If you are an author looking to produce your audiobook please check out our Complete AudioBook Production Service at We focus on producing high quality audiobooks ready to be sold on all major platforms through the worlds leading audiobook publisher


We offer a complete and professional audiobook production service and provide authors and publishers the opportunity to have their books professionally recorded and produced and start selling immediately. We work closely with talented and carefully selected actors. Our priority is to make sure our clients are fully satisfied. All of our audio books go through a multi-step production and quality guaranteed process. Listen to samples of our narrators and select the one that meets your ideas and budget.


If you are planning on narrating your book yourself we offer FREE step by step guidance to help you capture quality sound and record your own audiobook. Your recording will then be professionally edited (removal of unwanted elements like mistakes, long pauses, mouth and lip sounds, noise reduction etc), mixed and mastered to create a high quality production. 


We give authors the ability the start selling and promoting their AudioBook through a dedicated One Stop Sales page on our upcoming platform Pages include a video promo trailer, audio sample, book descrition, direct buy now button, author information and links to the audiobook when it becomes available on any site. Further publishing on various sites including Amazon/Audible through


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