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No Need To Worry About Quality

With so many completed audiobooks we know what quality audio means and we also know how to produce it. Our studio, e-Audio Productions, is operated by audio production experts with years of experience in all types of productions including music, songs, voice overs, podcasts and more.  e-Audio Productions experts will quality check the final audio and make any needed adjustments to make sure it meets the industry requirements for audiobooks to ensure your audiobook will not be rejected by any retailer. 



We choose to work with narrators that e-Audio Productions experts approve regarding the recording and production quality. Quality checks are made multiple times throughout the recording stage to make sure the audio meets our quality standards.


All our audiobooks feature the best performances recorded by versatile, talented narrators. With over 150 voice talents on our list, there is no doubt we have the right voice for your audiobook.


There are strict technical requirements that audiobooks must meet regarding noise floor, loudness and peak levels, file type, format, chapter files, openers and closings. for audiobooks to be approved by all retail sites. 

Choosing the right narrator can be a time consuming process. While you browse through hundreds of narrators performing other audiobooks you will spend time listening to voices that naturally don't fit your audiobook.

Listen To Sample Performances Of YOUR Audiobook for FREE

After you contact us and we receive all the information and details about your book and the narrator voice you have in mind,

 we will return with samples of your audiobook performed by 5 or more narrators based on your voice criteria.

You select the narrator you prefer

A dedicated member will be assigned to make sure everything runs smoothly from start to finish. 


We Make Narrator Selection Easier For You 

Step 1


Provide us with the details about your book so we can create a "narrator profile" that will be best to perform your audiobook


Step 3

Audiobook Production

The narrator will bring life to your book in a high quality production

Step 2


We will come back to you with samples of your audiobook recorded by various narrators that meet the "narrator profile"

You select the narrator.


Step 4

Review & Approval

You review the narration and note down corrections needed to be made by the narrator. Upon approval we proceed to step 6. A dedicated proof listener can be assigned for this also. 

Step 3

Connect with the narrator

We will connect you with the narrator through a workspace so you can discuss narration details such as name pronunciations and more.


Step 6

Final Quality Check

Our audio producers at e-Audio Productions will make a final quality check and apply any needed edits to ensure your audiobook meets the industry requirements