To Over 40 Retailers and Libraries

A distributor is the fastest way for authors to get their audiobooks on over 40 online retailers and libraries. For many retail platforms it is the only way to be listed.


Unlike traditional publishing services that keep a commission/royalty share from the sales, Audiobook Release offers publishing as a part of the package and we do not keep any royalties share. The distributor will pay the author directly.


Submitting your audiobook to the distributor platform needs to be done carefully to make sure all chapter files of your audiobook are uploaded correctly, the audiobook cover image meets the requirements, metadata and audiobook information are inserted right. We will take care of all this on your behalf by creating your account and making sure everything is done the right way so your audiobook can hit the digital shelves on over 40 platforms.


How the distribution platform works: 

The distributor will place your audiobook on over 40 retailers and libraries and provide you a dashboard where you can monitor the sales on all those platforms from one place.

They keep a 20% fee of the amount left after the retailer takes its share. (Retailers keep 40% to 75% depending on the retailer) Example: A retailer with a 50% royalty share sells the audiobook at $20. The retailer keeps 50% meaning $10 and pays the distributor the remaining $10. The distributor keeps 20% of that meaning $2. and pays the author $8

The form below contains the information needed for the distribution. Please carefully fill in the form.

After we successfully complete the submission, your account on the distributor platform is yours and the distributor will pay you directly.