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"Scandalous and scintillating,
harrowing and hilarious"



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Read by SL Albert


Humor, real estate, and romance are the recipe to give smiles, laughs and tears in equal measure in this truth-is-stranger-than-fiction memoir. The anecdotal stories contained herein are scandalous and scintillating, harrowing and hilarious. Fans of soap operas will love this book. So get comfortable and prepare to enjoy this page-turning delight.

PANDORA’S LOCKBOX is a humorous memoir of Nico Griffith’s life as a top-selling real estate agent in the 80s and 90s when real estate regulation hadn't been invented. Nico’s unexpected thrust into real estate sales, after a devastating miscarriage and divorce she calls The Royal Flush, is described in The Million Dollar Club chapter. Working in vain to gain her alcoholic mother’s approval, her new career rewarded Nico with income beyond her wildest dreams while attracting the most colorful, eccentric, and varied group of rich and challenging clients that ever could be imagined. During these years, Nico accidently twice became an accessory to actual murders when clients confided in her. These clients were people whose names might be recognized if not changed. They included mobsters in protective custody, dead people, perverts, and a wealthy married man that captivated her heart and tested her commitment to work and love, before ending in heartbreak.

These behind-the-scenes-stories of selling real estate take readers from shaking their heads to laughing out loud to shedding a few tears. Nico's life and those of her fellow agents, aka The Fab Five, are packed with intrigue, romance, sex and incredibly entertaining situations with buyers and sellers who don't know what they want. Some of the best parts are found in the “sundowner” gatherings where agents one-up each other with harrowing tales of their recent exploits with clients and listings. Nico and her Fab Five's true-life adventures emulate a dark comedy. They echo the adventures of real estate agents everywhere.


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Nico Lundborg-Griffith is a top producing and award-winning real estate agent listed in the RE/MAX Hall of Fame. Although Nico is not a veteran of a real war, nevertheless as a veteran agent of real estate, she has earned the equivalents of Purple Hearts, Distinguished Service Medals and Red Badges for Courage while selling over 1000 homes in her illustrious career. She has always put her clients first before any thought of commission. It has rewarded her with loyal clientele who have made multiple purchases with her over many years.


Some of her most memorable stories can be found in Pandora's Lockbox, an Award-Winning Real Estate Agent's Memoir of Love, Sex, Murders and an Alligator. It's available on Amazon.

Nico started her life-long affinity for over-achieving at the University of Montana where she earned 5 degrees in 4 years while working full-time as a long distance night telephone operator. Although she only need 185 credits to graduate, her love of learning compiled 225 credits. Her drive to excel transitioned into the launch of her real estate career. To better understand that, read Chapter Five: "The Million Dollar Club".


Nico sells real estate in Montana where she lives with her husband, Gordon, and her parti-Yorkie, Fannie Mae. To learn more or for bulk purchase pricing, contact Nico @

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