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Audiobook Production

Producing a quality audiobook can be a complicated process and there are important things to consider. Our professional production team at has over 15 years of experience in the field. That means we've got you covered.

1. A quality audiobook performed by a talented narrator will ensure audience will enjoy listening to your audiobook 

2. There are several requirements set in the audiobook industry regarding audio quality, loudness/peak levels and format. Meeting these requirements ensures your audiobook will be accepted by all online retail sites. 

Our talented narrators can successfully deliver any audiobook performance and all audio files are checked by the experts at e-Audio Productions to ensure the quality and format meet the industry requirements so your audiobook will successfully hit the digital shelves and your audience will have a great listening experience.   


Knowing the importance of both talent and quality we carefully choose the narrators we work with to meet our standards and ensure you end up with a quality audiobook, 

1. Talented narrators will help casting and narrator selection complete faster without you having to listen to narrator samples that sound flat with no life in the performance.

2. Quality of the recordings are checked by e-Audio Productions to ensure our narrators can record audiobooks that meet the industry standards.


When you contact us we will ask you for details about your book, the story, the sound of the voice you already have in mind and more.

With the information you give us a dedicated casting director will deliver you a list of samples of your audiobook performed by a number of narrators for you to choose from. 


Selling On 

Taking our client's questions and requests seriously and also following the industry we came to a conclusion that there is a need for fast publishing and new innovating tools. This is because almost all retail sites require a 20 to 60 day time frame after submitting to list audiobooks for sale. Many authors ask about ways for faster publishing and that is how we came up with and took it a step further by adding more features to help reach a wider range of audience.

With you can:

  • Start selling right after production is completed as a vendor

  • Receive up to 100% of sales made from withing ShopAudiobooks

  • Video trailer 

  • Audiobook sample

  • Add To Cart button

  • Description of the story

  • About the author

  • Links to your audiobook on other major retail sites. This links are included because many listeners like to have subscription plans on sites that offer subscriptions.This means that they pay a monthly fee and can download a number of audiobooks. So if a client would like to purchase your audiobook for example Scribd, GooglePlay, Audible or any other site he/she can click on the retailer logo and go directly to your audibook on that site. 

  • Your interview on our podcast


At the moment there are over 40 major retail sites and we do suggest you have your audiobook on as many as possible in order to reach a wider audience.  We will take care of distribution from through one of our distribution partners. We will create and setup your account, upload the audiobook and all other information needed and make sure everything is correct before submitting to ensure your audiobook will be accepted by all platforms. Then we will hand over your account to you so you can monitor your sales and performance on all platforms through your account on the distributor site.

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