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The two giants Uber and Audible are offering Uber users seven free audio stories via their app. As they say the purpose is to encourage people to unwind and help stressed passengers relax during their journey. The partnership was created after research commissioned by Uber showed 46% of the British people said they suffer from “headline anxiety” and 41% said they felt “overwhelmed” by the news agenda.

The study also found a 25% spend most of their Uber riding time scrolling through mobile apps. checking emails, replying to messages active on social media while 79% find that their stress levels fall when they allow themselves to get lost in a story. 

The app will host seven free Audible Originals audiobooks from authors including Joanne Harris, Daisy Johnson and Parker Bilal during travellers' Uber rides from today (Monday 21st October).

The campaign encourages passengers to relax through literature rather than read the news or scroll through social media while travelling.

The free audiobooks are:

The Wood Between The Worlds by Joanne Harris

Bully The Blue Bear by Sophie Hannah

A Retelling by Daisy Johnson

Beatrix Potter’s Peter Rabbit performed by "Fleabag" actor Andrew Scott

The Dampness Is Spreading by Emma Glass

Sue Perkins’ Earpedia: Animals, African Lung Fish

The Zephyr’s Apprenticeship by Parker Bilal.

Neil Caldicott, senior director of content & brand at Audible UK, said: "We know that getting absorbed in a good story during the commute is one of our members’ most popular times to listen – a routine journey can be transformed into an epic adventure, an amusing jaunt or a gripping exploration.

"Plugging in to an Audible Original audiobook or podcast provides listeners with the perfect way to lose themselves in a moment of calm whilst the city whirs around them. We’ve selected a mix of short stories, comedy comedy perfectly timed for a variety of journeys."

An Uber spokesperson said: "With millions of trips a week across the UK, these journeys offer the perfect opportunity to unwind and take a break from your busy routine. That’s why we’ve partnered with Audible to give passengers a free, literary escape en route.

This represents just the latest expansion of our app, where Uber users will now find access to JUMP e-bikes, information on public transport, as well as our Pool ride-sharing service.”





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