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The Invisible Architect

How To Design Your Perfect Life From Within

Genre: Nonfiction  Body, Mind & Spirit / Self-Help / Personal Growth / Success / Nonfiction / Music / Jazz

Narrated by: Lee Goettl

Produced by e-Audio Productions

Duration 7 hours & 7 minutes

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What would it mean if your perfect life was awaiting your discovery? What if you knew the exact steps that would allow you to discover and achieve this perfect life? And what if you had an Invisible Architect-an all-powerful all-knowing best friend at your beckon call to help you discover, design, and achieve your perfect life? And what if your perfect life has already been achieved and is waiting for you to claim it?

This is exactly what award-winning musician/author John Novello offers in the pages of his extraordinary new transformational book, the Invisible Architect.

You'll learn that there is indeed a Perfect All-Knowing Power, an Invisible Architect, or to put it in more scientific terms, an Invisible Field of Intelligent Energy that permeates everything that exists, including you and me and all life, matter, energy, space, and time, and is available to us for information, advice, comfort, and assistance in designing our perfect Divine lives.

The Invisible Architect is a rare look into the inner world of acclaimed jazz musician/composer/author John Novello by the author himself and based on his discovery of an inner power we all possess but rarely knowingly use.

This book was written because of a Divine unsolicited conversation he had with the Invisible Architect one day.

Here is the conversation...

Invisible Architect: "John, you now need to spread the WORD!"

John, confused: "What WORD?"

Invisible Architect: "That everybody is one with the Invisible Architect and could be employing this miraculous energy to design their perfect lives from within!"

John: "But there are already many books on this subject."

Invisible Architect: "True, but not from your unique perspective as a jazz musician who has experienced these wonderful miracles!"

End of conversation.

And therein lies the genesis of this book. I cannot imagine operating without my mystical friend and advisor-the Invisible Architect. And it is now very clear to me that my duty is to spread the WORD to everyone so that they too can design their perfect lives from within, as long as they understand the spiritual mechanics involved-the relationship between the Universal Energy (the Invisible Architect) and its creations and the interactions thereof.

But first you must become aware of the Architect, learn how to consciously commune with and employ the Architect, and finally trust the Architect to manifest your desires as only it knows how!

The Invisible Architect is a captivating story of the aspirations and cognitions of the life of a now-famous jazz musician. Enlightening, inspirational, tragic, and miraculous, The Invisible Architect is a self-help program for designing your perfect life from within-the exact process of how our inner world creates our outer world.

Spread the WORD...!

About me

John Novello is an internationally acclaimed jazz pianist and composer who has performed with many well-known groups as well as leading his own groups Niacin and the John Novello Band. He has had several top ten hits on the Billboard Jazz Chart, one of them, Good to Go reaching number one. In addition to John's musical accomplishments, John is an author & music educator, having written the best-seller industry keyboard method The Contemporary Keyboardist, published by Hal Leonard. John resides in Franklin, TN with his wife, Barbara Novello.


Website: https://johnnovelloauthor.com/

Produced by e-Audio Productions

Duration 7 hours & 7 minutes

Download File Type: mp3