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The Audiobook industry is booming and the number of listeners is constantly growing. But how do you reach them? We have gathered the most effective ways to promote and spread the word about your audiobook and actually reach those who like listening to audiobooks


Just like audiobooks, podcasts are rapidly growing. There are podcasts about literally any topic out there. Successful podcasts have grοwing dedicated audiences that follow up on all new episodes. Audiobook lovers like to follow podcasts that discuss topics from the audiobook industry.  Getting interviewed on a podcast and talking about your audiobook is one of the best ways to directly reach a large number of audience. We will arrange to get you interviewed so you can spread the word about your audiobook and you will be featured on two successfully growing podcasts, The Audiobook Release Podcast and The Author Inside You Podcast

Let the podcast advertise for you.


Video advertising has always been proven to be one of the most effective promotion ways.

We see video ads all the time. A well produced cinematic video trailer for your audiobook will capture the attention of audience.

Our video trailers include a professional Voice Actor, Original Backing Music, SFX, Images & Graphics.


Our Product Pages on are not just a way to sell your audiobook directly to listeners. They are carefully designed to actually work as a One Stop Shop Promo Page that includes:

  • Add To Cart Button

  • Video Trailer, Description

  • Audiobook Sample

  • Your Podcast Interview

  • Links to your audiobook on other major sites in case listeners have membership plans on other sites and prefer to download the audiobook from their favorite audiobook store.






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