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Publishing & Distribution

Reach A  Wide Range Of Listeners

Get Your Audiobook On Amazon, Audible
and another 40+ retailers and libraries

A Booming Market

The Audiobook industry is booming with more and more retailer sites surfacing and growing around the world. We help independant authors publish their audiobooks and reach a world wide audience through global distribution

Global DIstribution

Your Audiobook will be published on major online stores and available to audience around the world

Reach A Wider Range Of Listeners Through 40+ Retailer Sites
Get your audiobook on Amazon, Audible, and many more


We do the work for you.

We will take care of successful publishing of your audiobook through major distributors to global network of audiobook retailers and libraries. 

We hold no royalties from sales. Authors receive 100% of the payments from the distributor directly.

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