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A Booming Market

The Audiobook industry is booming with more and more retailer sites surfacing and growing. There are dozens of major audiobook retailer sites holding large amounts of this growing market (some of them are Google Play,, Audible, Nook by Barnes & Noble, Scribd and more) and it is wise to have your audiobook available on as many platforms as possible so you can reach the maximum range of audience. 

Signup to our upcoming Audiobook Marketplace and quickly start selling directly to audiobook lovers.

Receive up to 100% of royalty revenue


Don't Worry About The Hassle

We will take care of successful publishing of your audiobook through major distributors to over 40 retailers.

When everything is done right we will hand over your account to you so you can monitor your audiobook sales and performance on all the sites. We hold no royalties from this so you will receive 100% of the payments from the distributor directly to your account.


We know the industry well enough and we know  that on average it can take 15 to 60 days to publish an audiobook after submitting it to any retail platform.

We offer immediate publishing through your own shop on our upcoming marketplace platform where you can receive 100% of royalty revenue. 


In addition Our Product Page layout will be a complete tool to present, promote and sell your audiobook.

Product pages include video trailers, audiobook samples, description, an add to cart button to buy directly from the author and links to the audiobook on other retail sites (So audience with subscription plans on a different retailer platform can quickly reach the audiobook on the platform they prefer.)





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