Audiobook Release is an A to Z solution for authors to create, produce, publish and sell their audiobooks. 

As an independent producer and publisher we understand every aspect of the audiobook market. We also understand you may have many questions and need guidance on the process. We have the knowledge and experience to provide help with all stages of the process, answer your questions and bring your book to life in a quality audiobook with a great narrator, an amazing recording and publishing solutions.


We know that if you want your audiobook to find success, you need a great narrator and you need to make an amazing recording.


About our narrators: We receive demos from various narrators almost every day but we carefully choose to work with those who are really talented but can also record great audio. We have partnered with the industry audio experts at to check and make sure all our narrators are able to record quality audio for their audiobook narrations before we add them to our roster, 

Audiobook Prodcution. All audiobooks go through quality check by the experts at e-Audio Productions to ensure they sound right, balanced  and meet and exceed the industry standards and requirements to ensure they will be accepted by all major platforms and your audience and enjoy listening to your story.